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Miles, I believe you purchased “Jazz”. As I recall it does not have the same lifelines & stanchions as Amel , no motorized Genoa furler, or the motorized main  and outhaul furler, it has new rigging, sails and possibly new mast, and  no  Amel struts or twin downwind poles. The engine and wiring  has also been replaced. My Santorin (46’) has twin slots with the Genoa  installed on the port luff and the ballooner (when used) is hauled on the strbd sluff.  My point is that many of the unique  Amel systems may not apply. It sounds like the former owner spent a bundle and you got a great deal. I am no expert on Amels but I am learning after 13 years how great my Santorin is. Has the former owner given you any history on the boat?

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Ah yes I wasn't thinking straight. 

 Thanks Bill!

So I think I'll do as per my old boat and add a second removable forestay. Attachments Positioned as high up the mast as possible and as far fwd on deck as possible whilst leaving clearance for the furler. 


Perhaps this time I'll keep it really simple and have the stay as integral to the sail luff although a separate ss stay does give the option of setting a storm jib on the same wire if needed. 


Size of the sail would be quite a bit smaller than the furling genoa and of reasonable weight cloth. The idea here on my old boat was the non furling sail was small enough and strong enough to stay up in squalls



Alternatively does anyone know where the amel 3 luff grove system can be purchased?


Fair winds



Sea love

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If you raise 2 headsails on one foil with 2 halyards, you will not be able to furl without dropping the additional (second) sail. 


Think about what will happen to the second halyard when furling. Amel's special swivel which allows you to secure the second sail and remove its halyard is the only solution. And, it requires 3 slots. The 3rd is for the "dehooker."

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Hello again

The maramu 46 we have bought doesn't have the original furling system.

It has a recently added frofurl ndec 430

I pick up the boat on tues 😎 but believe it has a twin luff grove

So parhaps my only option will be to add a second genoa halyard and hoist the second sail on the second luff groove

That way least I'll be able to raise and lower each sail independently. 

The original mouse plus 3 luff groove system  looks brilliant !

I wonder if I could replace the foil and swivel?

Is this the kind of thing amel might still supply or does anyone know the manufacturer of the amel furling system?

Many thanks


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Hi there Bill

I dont have a manual I'm afraid 

All the best


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He best

Read your is very straightforward. Let me know if you do not have a manual.



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