Re: Greasing the Bamar 1.01 Furler

Dean Gillies

Thanks Porter and Bill,
Will start with the grease packing and take it from there.
We've owned the boat for 3 weeks, already sailed 1000 miles and put 130 hours on the motor.
Jan and I absolutely love the boat. We just have a few issues to resolve with things like LED lights, aircon pump, the furler and installing a new solar system. 

Porter, I noticed you installed an Emek arch with solar, which looks great.  We already have Simpson Lawrence davits, so we're looking for a walk-under arch solution which will fit on top of the davits. I have 720W of panels, and plan to use the Victron 150/35 charge controller.  Where did you locate your controller?

SY Stella
AMEL 54 #154

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