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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Dean;

We had the same issue with both our 1.02 bamar furlers. We had both of them removed, all bearings, seals and belts replaced.

The access to the gears is the aft facing panel with the four screws. When you remove the screws, there will still be some sealant that holds the plate in place. You will have to use an alien wrench inserted from the small side into the screw holes to get some leverage and pull the plate out. DON'T USE A SCREW DEIVER as this will deform the aluminum plate and affect the seal. 

Once you have removed the front panel, if you see any evidence of water inside then the Furler most likely needs to be rebuilt.if not then clean the existing grease and pack the gears with new.

The belt access is from the starboard side of the Furler. Once you remove the screws use a rubber hammer to work the cover loose.

You just have to be very careful not to  furl under load. You have to release the sheets and unload them so the head sail luffs a bit before furling. Make sure you are releasing the sheet at the same pace as furling. 

The main issue, other than placing excessive load, is the water penetration from the top seal. I'm looking for a good seal lubricant to try and extend the life of the seal and prevent the water penetration.

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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Hi All,

Our Bamar 1.01 staysail furling motor is very noisy.

I've read previous threads, and one thing which was suggested was to re-grease the gearing mechanism.

This part of the furler is not detailed in my manual. 

Can someone please advise if it is the nameplate (aft facing) which needs to be removed in order to access the gearing?

I can undo the four screws, but I'm not sure exactly how to remove the plate which is still quite firm.

Just thought I'd check before taking to it with a screwdriver!

Many thanks


SY Stella

Amel 54 #154

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