Re: rpm, AutoProp maintenance, AutoProp for sale.


Hi Paul,
I haven't actually done it myself.  When Bruntons said they couldn't repitch my AutoProp (They've changed the design since mine), I bought a MaxProp.  It's not as persnickety about fouling or maintenance affecting performance.

I was convinced (due to my lack of knowledge, and agreement by mechanics who didn't understand AutoProps either) that the prop was OK.  I didn't take the advice of the knowledgeable people here and I'm virtually certain that it cost me a bundle.

You can find some posts about it if you search the conversations for AutoProp, they are probably 5-10 years back.  My understanding is that you can order a rebuild kit and do it yourself.

Let us know what you find.

As an aside, I still have that AutoProp and will sell it at a reasonable price if someone wants it.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy SM243

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