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I stand by the use of bleach as I stated earlier which was a very diluted solution for a limited time and exposure only to the bilge and copper bonding strap. I think you need the bleach to kill the bad stuff in there. The only slight risk issue is the copper bonding strap which you will likely need to replace every 5-8 y,ears, anyway. So, maybe my suggestion will cause you to replace that copper X months earlier. 

Almost every decision that you will make requires weighing and mitigating risks. For instance, if you don't run your engine, or set your sails, they may never need replacing. Or, if you don't run your engine and keep your sails flogging, you'll hurt your sails and lower engine hours.   

Does this make sense?  

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Hi All, so Bleach is bad. What is the best alternative to use to clean the showers and heads and anything else that goes into the bilge or will touch copper tubes?

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