Re: Auto Prop Rebuild

eric freedman

Kimberlite was  not coming up to speed. even though I dove on the prop to make sure it was clean and the blades moved smoothly without any wiggle I decided to rebuild the prop. The increase in RPM was dramatic after the rebuild..

The prop is a finely tuned device with very tight tolerances and a slight amount of wear will be obvious in the loss of rpm even though everything seems fine no wiggle and play in the blades.

The instructions to re install the bearings etc come with the prop rebuild kit.

It is a lot easier to re assemble that dis assemble. A torque wrench comes in handy if you want to get the install perfect. It is quite easy. The only thing that needs attention is the bending down of the retaining tabs.

I don't know how to add a drawing to this note. The drawing is quite detailed. Just make sure to grease all the bearings before installing. The people in Newport were very helpful.

Fair Winds,


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