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No way, the best place is on the deck. We put a plank on each board
of the boat where we fasten 5 jerrycans. Total 200 litres available.
Enough to sail 900 miles at 1600 R/m on flat sea.

Patrick (SM2K - Caramel - hull #329)


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we identified our plastic jerry cans to be the real cause for
permanent gasoline smell on board of our AMEL Super Maramu 2004. We
finally decided to tie them on deck. There, however, they are
to all kinds of environmental stresses and are not handsome. Is
anyone in our Amel community, who could advise us, where and how we
could store them below deck without running again into the same

Best regards and a happy New Year for all of you

Hans-Joachim Hofschulte Germany baltic sea
Sm # 436

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