Re: gasoline smell


Do you mean diesel smell? We carry spare diesel in plastic jerry jugs
in the stern locker but as long as the caps are screwed down tight
there is no leakage from these.

Our problem gasoline smell is usually from the outboard tank and it's
quick disconnect hose. For safety reasons we usually store it above
deck under the captain's chair in the cockpit or if we are carrying an
inflated dinghy across the mizzen deck, we just set the outboard's tank
inside the dinghy.

We have noticed a persistent diesel smell when sailing in a choppy sea
with the wind blowing in certain directions. Each time this has
happened, I have checked the stern locker and the engine room for leaks
and found none. The culprit is the diesel tank vent hose that produces
fumes when the contents of the tank are being slopped around.

SV Doodlebug SM#331

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