gasoline smell


I mean gasoline smell from the gasoline for the outboarder.
I think there is only one locker which has no connection to the inside
rooms, this is the locker for the life-raft.This locker is not
suitably for a gasoline tank to stow away. For the other lockers it is
neccessary to have the connection to close them from inside.
So I think there is no real solution. We have to put the tanks outside.

There is also annother question: may be this year or latest next year
we want to go to the mediterranean eastern part, turkey.
We have windows XP on board, what do you think is now the best electronic
chart programm and what are the best charts? May be we will go after
the mediterranean to the caribic.
What SSB is recommended to buy, and which kind of antenna? To send and
to receive e-mails via SSB? Pactor ?
I have got the e-mails the last four years and it was very interesting
for me to read all the messages. Last year we bought the three years
old Sm in the baltic and we are happy with our Johanna-Amalthea.
Thanks alot for your answers.It helps realy much.

Hans Germany baltic sea
Johanna-Amalthea Sm # 436

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