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James Sterling

Thanks Bill. 

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Great news about your boat, sad news about your heart attack.

I hope you get better


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Longbow, in the Corpus Christi City Marina was extremely fortunate.  At the last moment the eye of the storm turned and hit Rockport 25 miles away.  Rockport, a lovely little place, was almost obliterated.  There are many in the Corpus Christi and surrounding area still without power and everyone is helping each other.  Longbow rode it out in the slip and her lines stretched to the max.  We had left her when they called Cat 3 never expecting to see her again.  To make a long story short, she didn't have a scratch on her.  I'm extremely grateful because I had suffered a heart attack the week before and had just gotten out of the hospital.  My prayers go out to everyone affected and my friends still stranded on their boats in Kemah. 

James Sterling

S/V Longbow SM2K #418

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