Battery power off levers do not cut all power


I bought Travel bug, SM 151, 2 years ago and am the 4th owner.  Each owner made modifications and I am now unsure what was original and what was modified in some cases.

I am anchored in a gale for the last week so I took a detailed "look" at all of the wiring, with the aim of freeing some space in the overfull conduits.  (I was able to remove over 20 cables.)  Now I noticed that when the 2 power shutoff levers are in the off position, that I still have 12V power in one of the 3 "Sailor" units and everything connected to it.  I could fix it by moving that sailor connector away from the battery side. 


Did Amel intend this or is it a wiring mistake?

The issues I see are, (1) if there is an electrical fire then I would not be able to kill all the power, (2) if I lay up on the hard and am not connected to mains there could be a power drain on the batteries.  The advantage I see is, if there is a fire you could kill the power but have the VHF connected still for the mayday (but I have a handheld VHF in the grab bag...).



Travel Bug SM 151

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