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I believe that there is also a possibility of water intrusion from:
Any hose
Any valve
Any pump
Saltwater manifold failure
Exhaust muffler/water separator/hose failure
Hose clamp failure
Exhaust Elbow failure
And more

I believe that we always have to keep all risks in mind when making decisions. The original anchor wash pump had a diaphragm and a seal behind the diaphragm which was equal in size to the actual diaphragm...not all diaphragm pumps have this extra but of safety. Personally I would not worry about Bill Kinney's caution any more than other known risks, although I completely respect his opinions and his research.


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Got answer from Jabsco today,

"There is the possibility of the pump leaking if the diaphragm fails but the hull fitting the pump is connected to should have a seacock which should be closed when the pump isn’t in operation."

So I will change to another pump, thank's for making me aware of the issue.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM259


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