Re: Bow Thruster Anomaly

Paul Osterberg

To me it looks as you have the neopren seals glued on top of the lip seal. We have one neoprene seals inside the hull just lose on the shaft, and two neoprene seals o the shaft below waterline. I do not think the lip seal that sometimes is fixed with the two screws and the washers do seal very much. The reason for my assumption is that when service the bow thruster in the water, one tape the shaft to seal from water penetrating into the shaft. The tape passes through the lip seal and thus do not seal very much. The important seals are the neoprene seals, two below waterline md one above the waterline.
We have no problem with water intrusion even when slamming hard into the waves in rough weather but we change the neoprene seals A year ago, and will probably change them bi annually 
Paul on SY Kerpa SM259'Block Island 

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