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Stephen Davis


Not a bad option if you really want to see Santa Marta. A one week stay in the marina if you get the 30% discount offered on there add in Caribbean Compass would be $181 plus tax, water, and electricity. The rate for for 5 days is slightly higher due to daily vs weekly rate. I'm guessing from a money standpoint, it is probably a wash between checking in in Santa Marta and going direct to Cartagena and hiring the required agent to do the paperwork. 


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Hello Gang,

Taken from “noonsite”  … for those who don’t want a hassle.  Perhaps contact the Marina and enquire if they can begin the process before you come ashore???  I’ll give them a ring.

"Marina Santa Marta now has authorisation to act as a clearance agent. The marina will organise all clearance on behalf of the yacht owner. The only cost for clearing into Colombia at this marina is the cruising permit charge - however it does mean 5+ days berthed in the marina. On your 5th day in the marina, the agent will contact the officer from Customs-DIAN, who will inspect the boat and give the TIP. This process takes 48 hours.”

So it looks like I need 5 days in port.  Will keep a close eye on the coal dust …

Kind regards,

Eleuthera, SM007

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Good thing I have to get an agent, as I might not have that much patience. 


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It doesn’t matter where you clear in, the paperwork in Colombia is incredible. One mistake in the paperwork , and you have to do it again, even a misspelling.

Just sending money to Colombia and possibly have it  repatriated one day requires an agent for $150- Us and then about 6 forms from the Colombian bank and proof of where the money was derived from your USA bank to get the treasured form 4.

Fair Winds




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Thanks again Eric. It looks like Columbia might even have topped the level of complicated bureaucracy I've found in places like India while trying to clear my aircraft and crew in. I was hoping on a 2 day stop in Santa Marta to clear in, but may just head to Cartagena, and hire an agent there.

Steve and Liz


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I recall Santa Marta and other places in Colombia take a week to clear in .

I wrote to Kelly and asked if that horrible coal burning plant is still working—It is.

Please note her comments below. If you still want to go to Santa Marta, she is the one to contact.


With respect to Latin American countries they use Roman Law versus law based upon the Magna Charta.

Everything depends on the weight of evidence thus pages of notarized papers with your huella (fingerprint )on the pages. I have a Colombian passport so it is a little easier for me. Regardless where you go t takes time. They do have an agent in the marina to clear you in and out. However you have to weigh that against having and incredibly dirty boat in Santa Marta.


I will have the info on a good marina in Cartagena shortly

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

Dear Mr. Freedman,


I do remember you, yes the carbon dispatch is still from the port across the bay.


Normally it takes a week to have all the clearance done, if you come during a weekend custom do not come until Monday to start the process with them, migration normally is in the same day of your arrival, for leaving you tell the agent a day before (working day) so he can make the paperwork for departure (Zarpe).



Kelly Hernández

Commercial Assistant

Marina Santa Marta

Phone: + 57 (5) 4 36 36 01

Mobile: + 57 316 7418905

Whatsapp: + 57 316 7418905

E: operaciones@...



Santa Marta - Colombia




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We are similar to JP, but will transit the canal sometime in January, and head for the Marquesas the 2nd week of March. We are still considering going via Easter Island, Pitcairn, and the Gambiers in which case we would leave earlier. 




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Hi Kent,


For me, its Aruba, Columbia, Panama (San Blas & Boca del Toro) then the canal to Galapagos, Marquesas etc…


Passage to Pacific is planned in first 1/3 of Jan 18.







Eleuthera, SM 007



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When my girlfriend retires, hopefully in the next year.  We'll spend some time in Belize b4 we transit the canal.  Are you headed that way too?


S/V Kristy





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