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Here is a snarky comment from "you know who." It is not meant to be to you, but to rather anyone who would make the risk of buying these O rings from anyone but Dessalator. Yes, Dessalator does not make them, and Yes, Dessalator knows the correct sizes.

Changing the O rings on a $10,000 Dessalator system is not necessarily an easy job that you want to repeat because you tried to save a few $s and find other O Rings. HINT: always use TRIDENT brand pure silicone grease found at dive shops on the O rings.

Of course you know I make this remark because it is my job to remind everyone to use OEM Systems and Parts. I know it sounds like I get commission on their purchases.😀 I don't. My only purpose is to say, in many cases, the RISK is not worth the REWARD.

OK, I can go back to dealing with the aftermath of HARVEY.


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I always love when these threads come up. Anyone familiar with the older "Dessalator, serie Amel. Modele Depose"? I would love to renew my "o" rings. Everything is working properly however there is a little weeping from the top membrane. Are "o" ring measurements the same?

Many thanks.

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