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I know that you are a "believer" and one of the great owners of a Super Maramu. Some day somebody else is going to own that Super Maramu and they will be very glad that you had her for a while.


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Hey Bill -

Glad you are safe after that crazy storm in Texas. 

I am a big advocate of buying original parts. I have sent Dessalator an email requesting the correct kit for my model. 

Trident silicon grease is a staple on my boat. I use it for all my diving equipment and anytime I change a filter  (water) on this boat. 

There are definitely ways to get creative when ordering parts for your Amel however, original parts are a necessity in most cases... Bow thruster and C drive are perfect examples. 

Having the correct sizes to write down is just one of my many MOO's. 


Bill Maffei 
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