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John Clark

Wow Mike, I replaced my worn origional gearboxes and had no problem with the outhaul shaft.  My plastic mounting spacers look a tad fragile for the bottle jack anyway.  Now the mail furler shaft was more challenging.  I tried tapping it out but very quickly realized it was aluminium and was mushrooming from my efforts.   I took it to a machine shop where they used a press.  I too was liberal with the antisieze during reassembly.  

A quick thought,  is the bottle jack pressing on the deck?  Is there sufficient support under the deck for the potential full capacity of the jack?  Obviously you didn't have trouble but if the shaft were really stuck 4 tons sounds like a lot of load on the cabin top.

I have the older Bonfiglioli gears,   which incidentally required no shaving to fit on the boom or main mast.  I also drilled and tapped holes for grease fittings..ala Bill Rouse.

My original gears were both bone dry,  the main furler gearbox  pinion gear bearing had disintegrated into red dust. Previous owner apparently applied grease only to the outside... 

The Bonfiglioli part numbers cited on the Forum were correct and gears were obtained directly from local Bonfig dealer  in South Carolina and matched boat parts perfectly. I think price was $216 USD.

Sorry...  I rambled a bit.

SV Annie SM 37
Pamlico Sound

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So after replacing the outhaul gearbox destroyed during our effort last year to remove the "drive shaft" I was most careful top apply anti-sieze grease. Even so I could not remove the shaft with "modest" pounding from below. the solution that ultimately worked was the application of a 4T "bottle jack". Picture attached. Even so quite a bit of pressure was required with the ultimate release achieved by driving screw driver wedges just under the top of the shaft. A caution would be to be sure to fill in the space between the gear box and the boom to transfer some of the pressure to the boom and off the bolts and gearbox top. We used catalog pages to fill the space.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

Rock Hall, MD 

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