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I believe that there is a "heading device" for the Furuno Autopilot. I believe that it is possible that Amel does not normally connect it to the H3000.

I think that you could learn a lot if you had a B&G Technician visit your boat for an hour or two. Make lots of notes and take lots of photos. 

There is no Amel documentation on NEMA interconnected instrumentation. 

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Hi Dean,
The hydra 3000 on our boats are not connected to the compass of the Furuno Navpilot- perhaps to keep the system simple.So I also have heading off.
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Hi All,

I'm trying to track down a fault whereby my B&G Hydra 3000 system is not receiving heading data. When I look at heading it just reads 'off'.  According to the manual this means it is not getting data.

I've looked through all the documentation on the boat, and I cannot find any information which describes the interconnection of the various navigation instruments on the boat.  I.e. Which data buses are connected where etc.

Am I looking for something that Amel has never produced?

I know that this part of the boat design is very fluid, as instruments evolve over time, and original owners customise the production, so it's something that would be quite boat specific.

I'm reluctant to start pulling things apart to trace my own diagram if I don't need to do that.

If anyone has anything of this nature they could share, it would be most appreciated. 

We have a 2010 54 with NAVnet 3D displays, Radar, Furuno 511, B&G H3000, GP-150, FA-50, FAX-30, PG-500.



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