Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Companionway ( washboard ) rubber seal replacement? [2 Attachments]

Ian Shepherd

Hello Mike,

I found the original Amel seal not to be that satisfactory in the predominately hot climate that my boat spends. The problem is that as the seal deteriorates it leaves black streak marks on the thin veneer on the washboard. Cleaning this deposit off the veneer is difficult, and if you use wet and dry you will soon rub through.

I have solved this problem by using a slightly smaller seal than the Amel original which I bought from an automotive shop for very little money. The smaller seal does not impinge with any force against the wood and so leaves no marks.

In order to ensure a water tight joint when the wash board is up, I used a strip of self adhesive rubber tape with a felt like surface, and placed it across the washboard so that when the board is fully up, the seal makes firm contact with the rubber tape.

Looks good and works well.

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Larnaca Cyprus

On 02/09/2017 21:35, mdondra@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

We found a pretty good replacement for the weather seal on the sliding companionway hatch on the SM2000. Belt Weatherstrip/Window Scraper Seal from part no. 1371-4X2. 2 48" pcs cost $29. Only need 23.5" or 60cm so enough material to do 4 times. Assuming the 2 pictures come through, this Weatherstrip actually finishes about 1/4" above the wood, but is still lower than the hatch itself when fully lowered, so is protected from foot traffic. The upper portion on both ends was trimmed back about 1/8" to improve water drainage.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM2000 #240

Rock Hall, MD

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