Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amfa domestic watrer pump.wired backwards from the factory.

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You are lucky to have a new AFMA pump. We can no longer buy them.


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My Amfa domestic water pump was leaking.

I removed the pump and found that the circlip that holds the pumps shaft seal was broken and worked its way into the side of the seal. I removed the seal and found it also had a small chip in it.

I ordered the metric seal from a local supplier and also the circlip from McMaster.

Being that I had a complete spare pump I installed it.

The pump would not pump water. I added water in the output side of the pump and it flooded the bronze impeller.

I was quire frustrated.

I assumed there was something wrong with the new pumps impeller. I took it apart, everything was 100%.

I was working on the saloon table and had the old pump next to the new one. Luckily I noticed that the Square D switch was wired backwards from the new switch. Thus the pump was running backwards. I switched the wires and Voila- Water.

Possibly this might help someone installing a new amfa pump.

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