Re: Maintaining faux teak decks

mcgosprey2000 <no_reply@...>

In May, SV Alchemy suggested "Sure Step" polish to protect the non
skid areas of the Amel from sun damage.. I purchased some and tried
it on the brown faux teak decks on my SM Second Call. No matter how
hard I polish it in, when it dries it leaves a white haze over the
brown faux teak, no doubt because the polishing rag isn't reaching
down into the deeper crevices in the faux teak. The Carib sun will
definitely do a number on the faux teak, lightening it over the
course of several years. Therefore, I am still looking for a
solution. Any secrets out there as to how to keep the faux teak
protected. Michael Glass /Second Call/ Montauk, NY

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Vito -

We have been using a product by Aurora Marine - -
called "Sure Step" for the non-skid areas of our Sharki with good
results. It contains a polymer they call "Skid -X" which seals the
surface preventing oxidation without reducing the nonskid effect
wax would. It lasts about 6 mos.

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