175 amp alternator

eric freedman


The 175-amp alternator is a double belt unit.

It was a factory option and is definitely 175 amps. I have seen it put out
150 amps. It is a leece-neville alternator.

If you will send me your E-mail- address I will send you a photo. It is a
monster !! I also have a spare.

It was offered as the comfort package-

Here is the list of the comfort package from the INVOICE:

100 hp Yanmar

175 amp 24 volt alternator

Triple bow roller

4-burner stove

Flash Gordon saloon light

100-amp primary battery charger

4 additional house batteries total of 640 amps at 24 volts. (13 total)

Fair Winds,



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We could soon lose our imaginations, and replacing them with reality may not
be that great.


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Alternator Belt

I find it hard to believe that you have a 170 amp 24 volt alternator running
off the front of the engine on a single belt. This is the equivalent of a
340 amp 12 volt alternator which does not exist. If the alternator puts out
that sort of load it would almost certainly break the crankshaft quite soon.
Of course the belt would be slipping and overheating the pulley and thus
melting the lube on the bearing in the alternator. This is a load of bs.
170 X 24 = 4080watts or 4 KVA and so the alterntor would be nearly as big as
the one on my 7KVA genset !!!!
I suggest you get a proper electrician to have a good look at the thing and
expect to be told that 170 amps is a fairytale and the true figure is
perhaps 70 amps. He may well suggest that you need a double belt pulley and
top quality belts properly tensioned.
I look forward to your next bulletin.

Regards from John Hollamby, SM319, currentlly revisiting Freemantle, the
scene of the 1987 Americas Cup.

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