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eric freedman

Hi Fred,

I guess I just missed you in La Rochelle in 2002.

I believe the high pressure wash down pump and the anchor wash down pump.

Were made by Sureflow 4.0 Gallons per minute. Very easy to install.

Both have worked flawlessly for about 10 years.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hi Eric,


It’s amazing ;-) My SM2K is #375 !!


Just for your and others Information :

My AMFA pump failed during Pacific Ocean Passage and, as I was not able to get a new one as spare when I left France, I bought a Whale Watermaster 3.0 GPM, 24 V d.c Ref FW1225 and website :

It’s really very easy to install, even the green light on the 24V panel can be lighted when it works… Pressure is perfect, also for the washing machine and It works now for 6 months without question.

The only details to take in account are the pipes connectors for which you should best prepare before needing to replace the original AMFA when it fails (it’s cheap, light, clean and again very easy to install even if it’s just for a moment you need to repair the AMFA if you have parts…)


May I ask you the same question about the sea water pump for the anchor chain ?

Mine is as well in poor condition and it’s not available anymore. Did one of you replace it for another model with sufficient power and features to make the job ?


Thanks again to both of you (Bill and Eric) for the great help you offer here and invaluable experience you share.




S/V ScentStone #375

currently in Bundaberg (AU)


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