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VERY Interesting post

so why did you order a new A54 if it has all these problems

what are the plus points that made you upgrade to a new A54

enquiring minds would like to know

thanks and regards


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Dear friends,

sailing since 13 years a Super Maramu and beeing very enthusiastic
about Amel yachts I want to point out some problems I can see with
the new 54 in comparisson with the SM. Anyway I have ordered the new
one but I do not undestand the following points:

the seating in the cockpit is smaller and at the ends even more
narrow, you can not relax (or even have a siesta)like before on the

The cockpit table is smaller than at the old SM, so you can seat less

The doble berths on starboard adults can not realy use because there
is a shelf next to your shoulder or back and a locker at your feet
which makes it impossible to turn around. So the berths are actually
very small! Compared with the beds in the SM all the single beds got
smaller. Of course the bed in the owner suite is big. But this is no
offer for guests! Shure you can say: stick them in the guest double
bed, but if you have some friends coming with you without their wifes
or girlfriends it is not as easy anymore to offer them good sleeping.

If you order the "pack plus comfort" you will get more batteries
beneath the berth on the way to the owner stateroom; this means that
they rise the berth very high so it is hard to climb on and again:
you get in conflict with the locker above if you try to sleep. No
good offer for guests again!

In general there is less storage possibility

The davits they offer are badly positionend because you can not use a
normal light RIP around 280-320cm with engine - this is actually
unbelivable and not aceptable.

You can not push back the sprayhood easily like on the SM. If I enter
a small harbour for example I like to have the full open view without
a sprayhood. This was so easy at the SM.

It is for me impossible to see what is in front of the boat when I
sit in the cockpit in front of the stearing wheel - the windows are
far to low. If you would lower the seat then you would have a
conflict with the cockpit desk. A really bad solution. It was not
very good on the SM already so I hoped it would be better an the new

Sitting around the saloon table you can notice that the table is too
near to the people sitting around, you have a kind of narrow feeling;
this was totally different and better with the SM.

Probabely I forgot some things I saw, anyway I listet enough
problems - but still the 54 one of the best boats, which I just could
feel in a 3-day-7-Bft-feel in a 3-day-7-Bft-<WBR>cruising. Everythi
wonderful. So I hope I can solve some of the problems before I get
the new boat. I am wondering why they did not offer a new Amel around
55 to 57' because then they would not have to struggle with most of
the problems I have mentionend above.

So if you did not order a newe 54 do'nt be sad: with the SM you still
have a wonderful and well thoughtthrough boat.

(sorry for the poor english - I am German and I don't have word
corection on this computer)

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