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Bill, thanks for sharing.

Alex, our thoughts and prayers are with you our friend. You are such a fine contributor to this wonderful forum and we do hope that good fortune and God's richest blessings come your way. We do hope it will not be too long before everything is one again fine in your world. Were there any other Amels affected?

Our thoughts and prayers with all others affected by this horrible event.

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Hello Alexandre,

I join the others; very sad event. Glad you are safe

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So very sorry for your loss. I know Nikimat was your baby. But, glad you are okay. This is so sad.



With best regards,





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The following is from Alex, owner of NIKIMAT...both were in IRMA at St. Martin:


he wind slow down to acceptable level. 
The hotel employe came to tried without success to unstuck the balcony drain, so we use buckets to through the water over. 
Looking at the broken window, they told me the glass is rated at 175 mph for 1 hour and there was wind of 200 mph. Would be curious to know how fast was the wind. 
The street looks like a war zone, truck flew over, landed on cars, branches everywhere. Trying to see NIKIMAT, but I don’t. When I moved in the suite, I could see the 2 antennas on the main mast. Still too much wind to go. 
After 3 hours of removing the water from the bathroom, I was tired and the wind was down enough to walk in the street, I walk to the Marina. 
It look like the Apocalypse. All the boats were destroyed. 
NIKIMAT sunk as well. 
As I walk closer, I saw the Mizzen boom above water, the Main boom was under water. 
Even if I was expecting my boat to sing, it was very emotional. 
I have own NIKIMAT for 5 years and He was my Beloved Home for 4.5. 
I walked to my slip, some of the cleats were ripped off the dock. 
I pull the dock lines on the dock cleat that hold and find the boat cleats at the end of the dock. 
Nothing can resist a Category 5 Hurricane. 
My neighbor’s Horizon 70 had sink. 
A Catamaran went flying and landed on the roof of apartments. 
My neighbor’s Trimaran flip over.
All monohulls sink. 
I walked to the other IGY Marina (where they keep the Super Yacht) and it was the same. Total disaster. Catamarans flip over or flew away, several Yachts cut in half. An ex-neighbor at St Barth completely shred, etc. 
From a distance I could see Port de Plaisance and it was the same. 
Same for the rest of the marinas.





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