Re: Alternative for not working Sonic Speed sensors


I am in the process of adding B&G Zeus nav instrumentation.

I have an old Echopilot forward sonar that doesn't work (and I didn't find very helpful anyway). I'm considering adding another depth sounder and would put it in the thru-hull where the EchoPilot transducer was, but the old thru-hull is much bigger than the B&G transducer, and it is mounted at the centerline with a lot of epoxy that makes it much deeper than the B&G transducer.

I'm interested in the Airmar P79 thru-hull sonar, but my electrical guys say they've had a lot of problems with them and don't recommend them any more.

Has anyone had theirs for long enough to have a feel for any problems with it? Any tricks for mounting that would avoid problems?

Any other suggestions?

I, like Bill R, am not racing and don't find that SOW adds much to my navigation. When my Doppler SOW dies, I probably won't replace it.

Thanks for your ideas and sharing your experience.
Currently on the hard in Annapolis, MD

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