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Duane, anything 50 + your canvas is going to be prone to shred. Pay attention to what Eric from Kimberlte said. The canvas was designed to protect the cockpit occupannt from unco.fortable weather at sea, not protect the instruments from getting exposed to moisture.                                         Regards, jeff.                                                        Spirit Amel 54 #14. Cabp Rojo PR

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Our boat has a piece of vinyl that attaches to the top of the dodger and forms a curtain just in front of the helm seat, all the way across the cockpit.  It also has a zipped doorway for the companionway.  

It seems that it would help protect the instruments from rain, and keep water from going down into the companionway drop down doorway.  

The minus point is that if it shreds (and it is in good shape) it will beat the boat up.  What is the common wisdom on this, use it or not?



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