Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Alternative for not working Sonic Speed sensors


Peregrinus came from the factory all Raymarine (no B&G at all) with two sensor thru-hulls:

1.  Speed sensor ("Fat") in the vestibule port of the fwd shower
2.  Depth sensor ("Skinny") under the forward cabin

In 2013, we replaced the Raymarine with all NMEA-2000 B&G, so:

1.  DST-800 depth/speed/temp "Fat" under vestibule
2.  "Skinny" thru-hull unused/disconnected

In 2015, we installed B&G ForwardScan, like so:

1. DST-800 depth/speed/temp "Fat" under vestibule
2. Enlarged the "Skinny" so is it now same as the "Fat", installed the ForwardScan there.

As we mostly anchor out, the ForwardScan is a very useful tool for us, a tool we rely upon almost daily.  The ForwardScan was also very useful late this spring when our DST-800 depth burned up for no reason, and we used the ForwardScan built-in depth sounder (separate display from the fwd thing) for about a week.

Note: ForwardScan is useful, very useful, at slow speeds.  At high speeds, it cannot be relied upon as a simple depth sounder, nor as as a forward-looking device.

SM2K Nr. 350 (2002)

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