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The power to the motor is controlled through a windlass control module which contains two solenoids. If this boat's windlass has not been used recently, the control unit is highly suspect. Many Amels have this control unit mounted on the port side upper storage cabinet and all the way forward. 

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My son and I have just bought an Amel Sharki #97, 1984.
There was only a very small amount of instruction documents with the boat.
The first problem we would like the forum's help with is the windlass. From what we can see it would appear to be the original windlass.
The electric motor is no use, we have power to it, the brushes are OK but nothing. The windlass works mechanically.
There are no details of the motor on the motor and no documentation.
We would like to just replace the motor but without specifications and motor details we are running blind.
Any help the forum can give regarding the motor details would be appreciated. Thanks
Craig and Cameron

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