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I have a similar enclosure.  I think strong winds would rip it to shreds, especially if not coming from the bow.

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Hi Duane,
From the replies you got about cockpit enclosures it may not have been clear that that's not what you were asking about. I think you were referring to a separate piece that can be used when the bimini is folded into the hard dodger. It fastens above the windshieds, comes directly over the dodger and goes straight down against the wheel and companionway from one side of the cockpit bulkhead to the other. A vertical zipper at the conpanionway allows access. It is clearly not for use underway, only when the boat is stored. It dors a great job of protecting the unstruments and companionway. Use it! I suspect later models don't have this, hence the confusion with cockpit enclosurea.
Cheers, Craig Briggs sn68 Sangaris

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