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In May, SV Alchemy suggested "Sure Step" polish to protect the non
skid areas of the Amel from sun damage.. I purchased some and
it on the brown faux teak decks on my SM Second Call. No matter
hard I polish it in, when it dries it leaves a white haze over the
brown faux teak, no doubt because the polishing rag isn't reaching
down into the deeper crevices in the faux teak. The Carib sun will
definitely do a number on the faux teak, lightening it over the
course of several years. Therefore, I am still looking for a
solution. Any secrets out there as to how to keep the faux teak
protected. Michael Glass /Second Call/ Montauk, NY

Joel Potter suggested using caranuba wax. I did this with similar
results. The wax turned into a white haze. Now I am trying to figure
out how to remove the wax. The only good thing is believe it or not
when its wet it actually helps the non skid properties of the deck.
If anyone has any suggestions Im all ears.

Vito Ciaravino
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Vito -

We have been using a product by Aurora Marine - -
called "Sure Step" for the non-skid areas of our Sharki with
results. It contains a polymer they call "Skid -X" which seals
surface preventing oxidation without reducing the nonskid effect
wax would. It lasts about 6 mos.

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