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dont touch the Bosch injector engine !! if you dont see diesel is coming a little bit out of the injection conection to the cylinder input; then your problem is elswere.
clean your hull.
if you are a nice guy, send us fotos about your underwater sealife; I'm not kiding, its all about that
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Mark, Thanks for getting back . I used the same and correct filters. I observed that the linkage moved forward well beyond the 2200 point , but no further increase in rpms. The engine seems to run smoothly , if it were an injector would you have a noticeable telltale ? Is the fact that in neutral It gets to 3000 rpm mean anything?


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Here is a great page to give you some additional thoughts:
White smoke is usually a sign of not enough air intake or failing fuel injector(s). However, white smoke is usually pretty noticeable. You say “a little white smoke” so I would not think it is an indication.
Also, another common issue most people do not check is the throttle linkage. Can you get RPM if you go down to the engine an manually move the throttle?
Else, I would start with the fuel system and work from there.
 “replaced both fuel filters” did you replace them with the same type?
Tubo failure will usually pump out black smoke.
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I have not been able to get above 2200 rpms , normally I have always gotten to 3000 at full throttle on my Volvo TMD 22A . I just cleaned my fixed prop and replaced both fuel filters , still won't go beyond 2200 rpm. It will get above 3000 rpm in neutral and I notice a little white smoke. Any thoughts on what could cause the limited rpms in gear . I rebuilt the turbo 3 years ago. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I just read that the military has landed in the BVIs and St. Martin to restore order . That has to be a relief to those stuck there . Our thoughts and good wishes to everyone impacted by Irma.
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