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Others have already done this for him. I read the troops landed today and things should be getting better very soon. Ships have also arrived with aid.



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So sorry to hear how bad it is there.  I will call the Swiss Consulate but I need your full name, date of birth, passport number, anything else you think they will want.  Maybe Amel can help you from France?


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A message copied form the Amel owners group on Facebook, a call for help from Alexandre:

"From our friend Alexandre asking for help. Please read it. St Maarten.

Moral is low.
I don’t even want to mop the floor.
Just waiting for the generator to get the Wifi
The fridge is warm.
People, including the Hotel employee, are angry.
The government doesn’t sell fuel to civilians.
when we run out of diesel for the generator: no internet, no fridge, no stove, no water for the toilet nor shower and computers, phone, etc. will run out of batteries.
I really don’t see a way out of this.
10.00 they are having difficulties to start the generator.
The Hotel internet is down and I can’t access the one next door.
I just cry.
During the 2 hours the generator was running, all I did was trying to get Wifi.
Then, to make the thing worst, the Hotel which originally agree on $1500 plus water and electricity, now wants $2250 because they can not meter the electricity nor water I use?!?
We argue for one hour, I tell them I am taking back my diesel and selling it to the higher offer.
Finally we settle for $1600 all together, but I lost trust in them.
I no longer feel safe here, more and more I want to leave, but I also don’t want to loose all I remove from the boat.
18.30 the generator starts, but no internet anywhere.
20.00 finally an internet connection.
Just sending the message I wrote.
I am so tired, if you could please contact any Swiss or French consulate to let them know I am at Simpson Bay Suites
3D Billy Fully Roaad
Pelican, St Maarten, N.A.
1.721.544.4441 (I doubt it works)
info@... (I doubt it works)
simpsonbaysuites@... (I doubt it works)
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Alexandre"

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