Re: Alex aboard Nikimat

Derick Gates

Hi All,

I was able to talk with the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco, where I am currently, and relate to them about Alexandre and his desperate situation in Sint Maarten.  They informed me that the Swiss Consulate in charge of this situation is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  They had forwarded my email concerning Alexandre both to Berne (Switzerland) and the Atlanta Swiss Consulate, so both entities are now aware of his location and contact information.  They also said that the Swiss government was not mounting any relief efforts to Sint Maarten, and he should seek aide from and cooperate with local authorities.  I have passed on to Alexandre the contact information of the Swiss Consulate in Atlanta, should that be ultimately useful to him.

Derick Gates,

SM2K #400 Brava
Currently on the hard in Bailey's Boatyard, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

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