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Mike Ondra



We found a pretty good replacement for the weather seal on the sliding companionway hatch on the SM2000. Belt Weatherstrip/Window Scraper Seal from part no. 1371-4X2. 2 48" pcs cost $29. Only need 23.5" or 60cm so enough material to do 4 times. Assuming the 2 pictures come through, this Weatherstrip actually finishes about 1/4" above the wood sill, but is still lower than the hatch itself when fully lowered, so is protected from foot traffic. The upper portion on both ends was trimmed back about 1/8" to improve water drainage. You will understand the need for this if you buy this product.


I had posted this with pictures on Sep 2, 2017 post 35329 with pictures in case the pics attached don’t come through.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM2000 #240

Rock Hall, MD


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I tried to get p/n 819751. It is no longer listed. I will try to call them.
Can someone recommend a companionway seal that is currently available.


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