Re: Hurricane Prep

Duane Siegfri

Thanks for the input everyone.  I'll try to post a photo of it in the next few days. 

We lucked out and had only 40kt winds with 50kt gusts here.  The surge was about 5 feet, and we still had several feet of piling left for the floating docks.  If we had gotten the 10 feet of surge (the predicted max surge when Irma was still well offshore and expected to impact the east coast) the docks would have floated off the pilings.  Not an image I want to contemplate, but no marina is designed for a hurricane.

I noticed that the Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach had no boats in it during the hurricane (as seen on the news).  We were there two years ago (immediately after we bought the boat) and they required you to agree to remove your boat in the event of a named storm (it was in the lease fine print).  I couldn't believe they required that, but that's Florida...

Wanderer, SM#47

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