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Raymarine offers depth sounder that does not require a hole in the boat. It works through a fiberglass bottom.
Did anibody used it type?

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A year ago I replaced my Sonic Speed with a Airmar CS4500 ultrasonic speed sensor.  It has been perfect. Reliable and accurate.  Readings are stable and responsive.  It does not have the electrical interference issues that plagued my Sonic Sensor, and not having to deal with fouled paddle wheels is great.  For a while I ran the sonic sensor and the CS4500 side-by-side, and they always agreed perfectly--or at least they did when the sonic sensor chose to work.

I enlarged the existing depth sensor hole to install the CS4500, and installed a P79 in-the-hull depth transducer, and all is happy.

I have not decided yet if I will take out the sonic sensor at the next haul out.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Deltaville, Virginia

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Hi Kent,

I installed a DST800 about 3 years ago on Aloha for my Ray Marine instruments. Had to remove the transducer from a dead forward looking sonar unit, enlarge the hole, and install the DST800. Only one persons experience, but it's still going strong 7000nm later. It seemed like a better option at the time than an extra hole for a paddle wheel. My very old B&G depth transducer recently failed, and I bought the only available replacement through Myles Electronics in FL for way too much money. Have not installed it yet, but hoping to get my 2nd depth source on line again. 


Aloha SM72
Aruba for a few more days

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I'm leery about the DST800.  Marine Electric Services says they are prone to failure and don't recommend them any more.

Kent Robertson
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Hi Kent
Would the B&G DST800 (by Aitmar I'm sure) do the trick along with their Forward Scan transducer.
Craig ( off NJ shore en route to Chesapeake)

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