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In the subject, you stated genoa traveller, and in the body you state main sheet. 

Antal makes the genoa cars on the Port and Starboard rails. Several owners have obtained these through Antal dealers. 

It will be more difficult to find the sheaves on the main sheet traveller, but I suggest you contact a rigger who will have or have access to sheaves. It is also likely that the sheave can be machined. When I was in the Canary Islands, I had sheaves made by a rigger for the end of the mizzen boom. 

Good luck, and if I were you, I would always add your hull number and location. Sometimes another owner will know the resources available where you are, or may even be nearby with the part you need. 

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One of the sheaves of my main sheet traveler car has broken. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Thank you very much,

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