Re: gasoline smell

Stephan Regulinski

Dear Hans-Joachim,

We stored our gasoline jerry cans in the safety locker. This isolated
them from the cabin, environmental exposure, and all electrical systems
(which reduces the explosion hazard). This solution is not perfect,
because the safety locker is not vented overboard. However, all Amel
lockers suffer from this problem except the camping gaz locker which
does have a vent at the bottom.

The alternative solution is to store on board but to sew up covers with
some material like "Sunbrella" which offers some protection from solar
degradation of the plastic.

A proper vented gasoline locker would be a welcome addition to any boat.
But then, so would a proper solution of the four major storage problems
of every long-distance cruiser: (1) gasoline ; (2) trash ; (3) shoes;
and (4) dinghy plus engine.

Fair winds and following seas,

Stephan G. Regulinski

Delos (SMM #303)

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we identified our plastic jerry cans to be the real cause for
permanent gasoline smell on board of our AMEL Super Maramu 2004. We
finally decided to tie them on deck. There, however, they are exposed
to all kinds of environmental stresses and are not handsome. Is there
anyone in our Amel community, who could advise us, where and how we
could store them below deck without running again into the same smell

Best regards and a happy New Year for all of you

Hans-Joachim Hofschulte Germany baltic sea
Sm # 436

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