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We had our chain hot dip galvanization done twice. Lasted about 5 years each time swapping end for end halfway through. Our shackle was made by Chicago steel and showed no sign of rust. As you know we rarely went to a dock and were always at anchor.

Another option is to wait for the Annapolis boat show and there are are deals that can be done. We purchased our chain there last year from Bacon Sails 200' for approx. $800USD. 400' is a lot of weight in the bow.

Paul & Sue LaFrance

Former owners of SV Nomad 1 SM #362

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We need a new anchor chain and found on Defender, Acco G4 high test 3/8 chain full drum 400 feet for 1400 usd.

Looks as a good price, but does anyone know about the quality of the hot dip galvanization. I bought som American made galavinized shackle but they started to corroded almost instantly. I don want that to happen with a new anchor chain

Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259  currently in Annapolis 

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