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we fly a lot. I do find the comparison websites to always give strange routing... 1st thing I do is google the direct flights from the airport I want to leave from and to the airport I want to go to. See any connections or areas in common and go from there. I would echo. If you are using 'budget airlines' or not on he same ticket then do consider a cheap hotel. 

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Hi Eric and Mark,

I had the problem you described in your "caution note” coming form Southampton to Curacao just 2 days ago.   I’d booked a mid day flight with 2 later flights available in order to assure my arrival in Amsterdam with a RON at the Hilton… then the weather did not cooperate and my flight was CNX’ed.  The other flights were fully booked!  

So I had to train to Gatwick, AerLingus to Dublin, KLM Cityhopper to AMS at 0535 the next am, finally my KLM to Curacao with minutes to spare. (Slept on the granite floor at the airport in DUB) !!!  NO FUN!

I suspect Eric should first book the last flight in his plan then select connectors (with great caution) to get him into the connector airport.  I expect he’d go to Carthagena.


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Hi Eric,


We had the same issue trying to get someone from Atlanta (ATL) to Fort-de-France (FDF). All the web sites routed through Paris and started at $6,000. Crazy! We eventually realized that the airlines flying to Martinique are not partnered with most USA airlines. I guess it is the French way to stop American tourists. 


We found if you ticket segments independently, you can fly from Fort-de-France (FDF) to Miami (MIA). From MIA you can fly just about anywhere in the world on a direct flight. This is crazy since there are direct American Airlines flights to FDF from MIA but these flights cannot be booked with connections to anywhere else in the USA.


Or the cheaper way: you can go to a larger Caribbean hub such as San Juan, PR (SJU) on Corsair and then to Bogota (BOG) on Avianca.


A word of caution when booking independent flight segments: It is best to book with a one night layover and pay for a hotel at the airport (or sleep at the airport). This is because if your first segment is very late and you miss the connection, you are out of luck and stuck. Because the airlines do not have any agreements, they will not rebook the connecting flight. Also, if someone goes from say FDF to MIA, they have to clear customs and immigration in MIA. They then have to go to the ticket counter and check in for the flight to BOG. Then, they may have to go back through security (unless the airline has a counter inside the terminal – most do). As you can imagine this all takes a lot of time. But, it’s better than having to connect through Paris and buying the airplane.



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Hi does anyone have a brilliant idea ?

It seems like you can’t get there from here , If you know the joke.

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