Re: Amel SM 2000 windless switch


Dear Alexandre,

Please apologize if my words doesn’t match your situation.

I think that you’re currently living with a lot of courage a very difficult situation and I would like to share with you some thoughts :

- I’ve already owned an Amel for 15 years so when I decided to by a new boat for a circumnavigation project (she’s currently in Australia), I understood that my previous experience with these boats was invaluable in order to save time, money and moreover to secure my project.

- you’re one of us with the most of experience about Super-Maramu systems and maintenance and I’m certain you can use it now for a new project after the time let you assimilate and analyse this “fortune de mer” and of course let you fix everything with insurance.

- when you’ll think again at sailing, you’ll think at a SM and you’re now absolutely very well trained at surveying and estimating many of them (that’s what I’ve done).
At this moment, your small 20’ container full of spare parts and stored where you want will be a great great help and money/time saver. Please, consider at taking some time before selling it unless you need cash right now.

That said, if you still have enough patience, I would like to make a request and a proposal :

the request : would you mind to share the magic pages on that you built about many many subjects of maintenance… They are individually accessible if we have the link but there’s nowhere with the listing and links… Of course, if you have any reason for that (privacy…) forget about this request…

the proposal : as said, ScentStone (SM2K #375) is currently in Australia (left France Aug 2016) and I’ll take her to South Africa next year single handed or reduced crew and you’re more than welcome to join me if you want (and are not already working on a new project ;-).

Good luck for the following weeks.

S/V ScentStone SM2K #375
Bundaberg (AU)

You can write privately at scentstone (at)

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