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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi John, as a first shot give it a good rinse with fresh water to get the salt crystals out of it. . On a previous boat I had one seize up mid Pacific. We unfurled the sail by hand, lowered the sail. Gave the swivel a good wash and it freed up. For good measure we pumped a bit of grease in. It fixed the problem. I have since been told not to put grease in but on that occasion it was fine and I kept it greased for the rest of my ownership, about another 5 years. Didn't seem to do it any harm.

May not fix yours but its a simple first try.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Good evening Amel owners,

I own a Amel Mango and the swivel head on the genoa furler is almost seized up. I have not taken it apart yet, I am wondering what kind of parts if any I need to repair the swivel head?
Thanks for any help, Amel Mango C'est si Bon


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