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smiles bernard

lovely video and inspiring - thanks for sharing it 

I'm trying to figure out how to set up my maramu for long distance and have a couple of qs that i wondered if you might be kind enough to help with - based on looking at your setup.

- What downwind rig did you find works well on your Sharki?
I see you have a pole up to port but are plying the genny to starbd. did you ever fly twin headsails? If so how do yoiu set this up? two pole or just to windward and what size sail?

- Self steering. I've used a monitor and a hydrovane - both were amazing. My new boat has neither :( just electric autopilot. One option is to just stick with the electric one i have - not ideal imo. the other option is to remove a rear gantry with solar and wind setup currently and instead just use solar along the rails like you have. How do you find your solar setup? It looks like they are attached direct to the rails with additional supports down to the toe rails?

Many thanks Miles
Maramu 162

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Also, there is a youtube video of Hanoah sailing down wind in the Indian Ocean. Look for Amel Sharki Hydovane on youtube. The video was made with a cell phone so the quality is not that special.

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