Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Amel sharki


Hi Miles,
The Sharki was intended to fly twin head sails off the same furler extrusion. I didn't like that approach so I set up a Facnor Code Zero type furler in front of my main Profurl furler. This allowed me fly twin head sails poled out...and the option of furling just one. I had a light weight sail made in South Africa that works well on the Facnor.
In the video the pole that's set up,....well, I probaly jibbed earlier and didn't bother taking it down.
When a squall comes up the Facnor sail, in its furled configuration needs to be lowered to the deck. This requires going forward, lowering the Spectra halyard and securing the furled sail on deck. If you leave the Facnor up in an intense squall, even with the doubled Spectra halyard as tight as possible, the unit will surge back and forth like it wants to take down your rig. Can be worrying.
If I run the risk of getting exhausted some times I ignore the poles and just fall off a few degrees.
Also, I use the Hydrovane exclusively, and have broached under twin head sails. So when it blows hard I am just as happy with a single jib, furled so nothing is chafing, and just off the wind enough so the vane can handle it.

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