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Ron Hynes <riffhynes@...>

I stayed there in May. Surprised new marina is still not open as it looked
​just about ready
 in May. 

As most everywhere around the Med, the swell can get
​  Naturally, it all depends on the direction it's running.  The pilot books are very helpful.

Be prepared and patient with
​what I doubt you've ever experienced before
.  It's all in how you
. We thought it was funny
​ and were constantly giggling​
. Another cruiser raft
along side us
 the authorities
​at every turn ​
and was told to leave. 

It seems the two major authorities, the police and customs are each vying to be most important. We had a minor engine problem and decided to stay another night. Fine said the police captain who I had some rapport with. An hour or so later, the chunky little customs guy is doing his rounds and spots us and goes non-linear. You must come with me immediately to
 at least a quarter of a mile
​ away​
. Once there he shuffle
papers for 10 minutes or so then tells
 he is going to hold the ships registration papers and that I must return at 0900 to get stamped out and get my papers returned. Naturally, at 0900 there were no customs officials to
 with, so in desperation I went to the police captain who personally escorted me through the
 procedure.  We had perhaps a half hour together and he told me of their plans to make Tanger a cruising destination with their new marina and the commercial development planned for the area. In turn I tried to politely tell him the entire 
​check in
 process needs to be revamped as most cruisers aren't going to spend 90 minutes
​or so ​
​But t​
hey just don't get it!
​  He said its very difficult to control smuggling, etc. without the procedures they follow.  ​I asked if they intended to move their offices as the new marina is even further.  He said no; boat captains would simply have to go further!

​All in all, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Wandering around the old city and the Kasbah is an experience.​  I enjoyed the food and the night time views were spectacular.  One of my all-time cruising highlights!  Fuel is even less expensive than Gibraltar although it has to be "arranged" for delivery through a middle man.

​We were moored along side a commercial wharf and I sustained some damage to my rubbing strake from an iron ladder I hadn't adequately fendered.  There is no electric or water.  We paid 25 Euros per might but I think this was negotiable.​

​My advice...don't miss it!​

Ron Hynes
​Swan Song, Amel Meltem currently in the Canaries​

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We are thinking of stopping by Tangier Morocco later this season, and we were wondering if anyone has been there recently and could provide feedback on port/Marina facilities.
We have read the noonsite info and also know that the new Marina is not yet open.
Just wondering if anyone has experienced the tide in the old port and could report back on their stay there.

Thanks for your input.

Best Wishes,

Thomas & Soraya

Amel 54 #122
Cruising Menorca, Spain

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