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I stayed with B&G brand instruments.

I think it is important to remember that B&G is no longer the independent company doing it's own thing the way it used to be.  For some time now it has been just one more brand in the Navico stable of products.  It is the brand name used to sell to sailboat owners the same products that Lawrence sells to fisherman, and Simrad sells to powerboaters.

Why I stayed with B&G:  I was used to them.  I had them on my old boat, and back when I made that selection, a long time ago, I felt that the B&G line was better suited to a cruising sailboat.  

The original equipment installed on any of the Super Marmus is dated enough that you really will have very little benefit in connecting them to a current Raymarine as opposed to another brand.

In a modern network, pretty much everything talks on the same protocol, even if they use different plugs.  On our boat we have a Raymarine AIS that came with the boat that we connected into our NMEA2000 network with a simple adapter, and the B&G MFD understands it just fine.  With a little work, our original Autohelm works side by side with our new B&G AC42 autopilot, and they both share the use of either Raymarine drive.

There are some things that Navico clearly does better, and some things that Raymarine does better.  I am pretty sure either will work for anybody.

A very few times I have had to use the Navico/B&G tech service to sort out a problem. Invariably, the knowledge of the phone support staff was truly exceptional.  And that isn't something I say very often.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD

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We thinking of replace the old B&G system, the ultrasonic speed sensor got smashed when we grounded.

The B&G system is old and probably anyhow on the end of it's lifespan.

We have a Raymarine plotter just two years old (The old Garmin was more user friendly) , we are very pleases with our old Autohelm Autopilot, but need redundancy so we will planning to install the Raymarine EV 400, and keep the two original drive units, keep the old control head and computes as spare.

To us it make sense to use Raymarine i the rest of the instrumentation wind speed depth etc.

Hopefully we do not need to adress his issues any more during our ownership of Kerpa, so we like to do the right thing.

You who have this set up, which I guess there are a few, are you satisfied with the Raymarine equipment's?

You who choose to stay with B&G what was the main reason for that?

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 Mill Creek next stop St Michels

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