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Hello Paul,

I had this issue twice on 2 different TMD22.  In each case, the turbo was rebuilt as it was not seized badly. Make it a point to give your engine an Italian tune up often. I run the engine at least 30-40 minutes at near Max power every 10 hours or so.  I make a note of it in the ship’s log too. 

When leaving the boat for a long period, remove the exhaust tube entirely and spray wd 40 into the turbo.  With a small wooden piece, spin it.  LEAVE THE EXHAUST OFF.  The cause of the seizure is salt water condensation in the turbo.

Your turbo is not Perkins.  You have a Volvo and Volvo changed enough things to make you tear your hair out.  Don’t ask….

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain
Eleuthera, SM007

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Hello everyone.  Lately there has been a thread regarding RPMs.  This is a problem that I've had with our Volvo since we purchased the boat a year ago.  I had always feared it was the turbo since I never could hear that telltale turbo whine.  Well today, my suspicions were confirmed.  The turbo is seized solid.  

So now I look at my options.  My current web search doesn't seem to be yielding many sources, so I turn to the group to pick your collective brain.  

Has anyone had any experience with or know someone who has rebuilt a turbo off of the TMD22?   Is rebuilding a turbo economical?  

Does anyone know a source for a new turbo?  

And if you'll indulge me, I'll ask a third question that I'm sure will solicit some colorful comments.  Let me preface the question with a couple observations.  1.  Turbo chargers in a marine environment seem to have a lot of associated problems.  2.  I've been running the boat this last year including motoring from Ft. Lauderdale to Brunswick, GA in a head sea, and the boat seems to run well and I can achieve 6+ knots with no problem except I cannot exceed 2000rpm.  

So here's my questions.  What is the downside to removing the turbo altogether, short of a few horsepower and a knot or two?  

OK, putting on my Kevlar underwear.  

Turbo part number reference: Perkins p/n 2674A120



SV Trillium

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