Re: Oil Change or addition for Mango furler gearbox

Ken & Judy <goldendaze@...>

I put all new bearings,seals and gaskets in all the boxes before I left US
5/20/2007. I used Super Lube ( a heavy silicone grease, canada)
in the jib box, it looked about the same consistancy of what
(22 year old?? unknown) came out (putty knife and fingers thick, not
A few days out of Bermuda it got a little "stiff". I could barely move
it by hand out of gear. I poured in about 1 cup of 90 wt. gear oil, the
only thing I had, and after working it with a 2 ft. rod if freed right up.
I think a very heavy (barely) pourable is the way to go.

Has worked great since. Now I am torn between tearing it apart again to
at my new/old bearings or just continuing to pray.

The mainmast units I used 90 wt, and have been fine.

Ps. Anyone: We just decided to go to Greece and Turkey over the
summer and winter there next year. Any advice would be greatly

Ken Coats & Judy Golden
SV Golden Daze
Maramu 1985 #192
Seville Spain

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