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Paul. I am dealing with a turbine that is not spinning freely , and started the previous thread . I would be taking  the turbo off this week to clean ,if possible , if not send it out to rebuild. I am reluctant to remove it now as Hurricane Maria may approach the east coast next week and I want to be able to move my boat. We are planning to leave on a trip down the C Bay in about a week and won't have time to rebuild before we leave . I was wondering if we did not push the throttle beyond 2000 rpm (top rpm now) if it would be safe to operate the boat without doing any damage to the engine. I had this turbo rebuilt three years ago at a cost of aprox. $ 800.00 . I am presently looking for the name of the turbo shop , to use again if needed .
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Hello everyone.  Lately there has been a thread regarding RPMs.  This is a problem that I've had with our Volvo since we purchased the boat a year ago.  I had always feared it was the turbo since I never could hear that telltale turbo whine.  Well today, my suspicions were confirmed.  The turbo is seized solid.  

So now I look at my options.  My current web search doesn't seem to be yielding many sources, so I turn to the group to pick your collective brain.  

Has anyone had any experience with or know someone who has rebuilt a turbo off of the TMD22?   Is rebuilding a turbo economical?  

Does anyone know a source for a new turbo?  

And if you'll indulge me, I'll ask a third question that I'm sure will solicit some colorful comments.  Let me preface the question with a couple observations.  1.  Turbo chargers in a marine environment seem to have a lot of associated problems.  2.  I've been running the boat this last year including motoring from Ft. Lauderdale to Brunswick, GA in a head sea, and the boat seems to run well and I can achieve 6+ knots with no problem except I cannot exceed 2000rpm.  

So here's my questions.  What is the downside to removing the turbo altogether, short of a few horsepower and a knot or two?  

OK, putting on my Kevlar underwear.  

Turbo part number reference: Perkins p/n 2674A120

SV Trillium

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